Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Q-ball sketch

Here's how my digital paintings begin. This is a rough b & w layout for my next illustration. Sometimes I start with a detailed drawing and other times I work this way. As much as I love to draw, I find that the detailed drawing seems to slow the painting down. (unless I'm keeping my line work) I spend a lot of time covering up or working around the lines. This method allows me to see silhouette's quickly and not get bogged down with details too early.


Chris Hynes said...

Very cool to see your process. Amazing how so much depth and scope is obtained with so little talent. I mean, so little details.

Seriously, you should show some stuff from begining to end so everyone can see your entire process. Keep knocking them out of the park my friend!


Mandie said...

OOH! I like this one. Amazing as always!!